Let Them Climb Trees

Here is a peek into our work on our book project, The Invisible Power: Expat Life Through the Eyes of Supporting Partners. Thanks to all we have interviewed – it is such a rich and powerful experience to talk with you all. *************************************************************************** Let Them Climb Trees As part of our research for the supporting voices […]

“Out of my country and myself I go.”

Robert Lewis Stevenson. Wow. What a statement. So powerful and spot on and well, I am amazed I haven’t run across it before. It so fits for my life as an expat. And today, as a traveling expat. As I write these words I am sitting alone in the living room of my friends in […]

Play the Peace Game…

We are in the traditional holiday season, and whether you celebrate these holidays or not, you are sure to feel the energy – the “hustle bustle” as people sometimes caught up in a frenzy of commercialism, parties, and appearances. But of course this isn’t the origin of the season. The origins of these holidays have […]

Trailing Partner??? I think not…

Written for the November 2014 issue of Parenting Pages – from the Basel Children’s Trust Do you know those pivotal moments in life? Where you remember exactly where you were when it happened? I had a moment like that when my husband called me and said, “What about Switzerland?” No context, just a question hanging […]

keep your balance…

Be kind and patient with yourself.
Feed your soul, daily. (if you need help with this one, call me and we can figure it out together)
Find a form of exercise you enjoy, then allow yourself time daily to do it.
Set some goals (learn a language perhaps? ;-)). Make them realistic, then plan to work on them daily (even briefly, 10 minutes is good).

Having time…

What a gift time is. And yet. And yet! Time is something we in our capitalistic Western culture aren’t sure what to do with. It is something to be filled, and now! Time is money, right? Make valuable use of your time. Don’t waste time.

And yet. I find myself with time and choice. A powerful combination.