About Me

Hello. I am Rylla and I moved to Switzerland with my husband and two children almost 6 years ago. It was not easy. I know from personal experience how important it is to have help and support with this process, to share your experiences, and to know … [Continue reading]

Appropriate vs. authentic

Appropriate.  For me that is a loaded word.  Behave appropriately, dress appropriately, write appropriately, etc.  Sounds like a lot of telling me how I "should" do things. And wow, did I feel a lot of shoulds as an expat arriving in Switzerland. … [Continue reading]

What is an Expat?

It can be quite a controversial term.  Here are some of my reflections on the word EXPAT EXPATRIATE: Someone living away from his/her homeland, living in a foreign land on a limited, long term or permanent basis. (Expatria - away from … [Continue reading]