Let’s practice mindful awareness, together.

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Welcome to life abroad.

Whether here for a short time or a while, you are facing a whole set of new experiences,
a range of ups and downs, amazing chances to learn,
incredible frustrations, and so much more.

Exciting times, trying times, full of opportunities to learn more about yourself and those around you now that you are in a new environment.

Ready for a tune up?

Living abroad offers so many opportunities to step into presence,

to practice mindfulness and choose to respond instead or react to your new situation.

If you feel lost and unsure, good. You’re human! You have taken a leap into a wild new world and there is so much adventure and learning out there for you.

 Know you are not alone.  Come and meet others who share your experience.

And be ready to take on the world again.

Course consists of 4 consecutive classes of 2 hours each.
Entire course cost: 200 Chf

Dates and location vary – contact me for more information at rylla@theexpatexperience.com


“I have come away with tools to help ME find ways to survive not only on a practical level but also on an emotional level. I come away from the class each week feeling very inspired, uplifted and motivated to PUT MYSELF OUT THERE.”
Tricia O’Rourke, Sydney, Australia


“I came for one time and stayed…I am grateful. To speak about my expat-experience and to listen to others helped me to realize what it means to be an expat and why I felt so bad, and how to feel good (very!).

I liked your enthusiasm, your professionalism and the “giving way” you did this class. Thank you so much.”

Isabelle Valibus, Paris, France
Chair Professional Women’s Group – Basel

You will be inspired for your life abroad. This is my promise to you. Join this class! Contact me via email or phone: +41 76 422 01 38.