Read what other participants of the Expat Experience Workshop had to say about the class. Learn how it helped the when living in a new country.

I loved this course. A great opportunity to vent and share safely.

~Nicole, New Jersey, USA

The workshop confirmed that all expats go through the same breathless and overwhelming experience, I am not alone!!!

~Basel, Switzerland

It has been a great experience. I have learned how to see things from a different perspective. Also I learned that there are many possibilities and new opportunities for me. Thanks so much for your help.

~Carmen, Spain

I want to thank you very much for the great seminar you gave us. It was interesting, nourishing, full of energy. It helped me to bring myself back from what I thought about me. It also helped me to realize some wrong things about myself and how to get better.

~Fabiola, Mexico

I came for one time and stayed…it was great and I am grateful: as I already wrote to you, it was an “experience” for me. To speak about my expat-experience and to listen to other women helped me to realize what it means to be an expat and why I felt so bad, and how to feel good (very!).

I liked your enthusiasm, your professionalism and the “giving way” you did this class. Thank you so much.

~Isabelle, Paris, France

I came to this class with slightly different expectations – thinking that it would be more of a source of information for surviving in Switzerland (Basel) on a practical level. Instead I have come away with the tools to help ME find ways to survive not only on a practical level but also on an emotional level.

I come away from the class each week feeling very inspired, uplifted and motivated to PUT MYSELF OUT THERE.

Thank you for the fantastic class and the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. I would love to be kept informed of any other classes or groups you may offer.

~Tricia, UK

It was an interesting discussion group – as a new arrival it was good to put my reactions to expat living ‘in the limelight,’ – to know one’s reactions are ‘normal’ is quite reassuring.

~Fiona, England

What a delightful and informative class! As a newbie here to Basel I found the class has allowed me to delve into further introspection and self-reflection about my experiences here. I found myself meditating on some concepts that helped me ‘cope’ during trying moments. Thank you for your candor and providing a safe place to share. I’m sure quite a few others would benefit from a class offering like this…a safe place to learn/share/grow with others in a similar experience is quite valuable. I appreciate your vision and commitment to the expats here! Hope to learn further from you.

~Melanie, California, USA

I really loved the intro to the class about whether or not living abroad is a privilege. I have also enjoyed sharing our experiences about living in Switzerland. It’s nice to know I am not the only one feeling a bit lost and also understand that being lost can be fun too.

Thank you for a great course. I joined thinking it would be a bit late as I was soon to be going home, however it was incredibly valuable.

These weeks have highlighted the value of my accomplishments rather than my hard times. This is good preparation for my return home to cope with future changes.

Maybe other people who have been Expats a long time could be encouraged to come along. Not just to share experiences but I think we never stop learning as life always changes, not just for new Expats.

~Sue, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted enormously from this workshop. It has been fun and informative and I will take with me the skills learned. I will quote your “pity party” I am sure on numerous occasions and my down days will not seem so bad just knowing “hey I am not the only one who goes through this.” This will make my Swiss life more enjoyable and will give me the confidence to go out an do it.

Thank you so much and please keep me in mind for any future workshops, courses, etc.

~Julie, UK

These Expat Experience sections were very important to me, as I learned a lot about the Swiss society. It was also very important to meet others and get closer. The experience made me feel closer to Swiss society.

~Ana, Portugal

I think this is a great course and every expat should take it. We get to learn and lot here and share ideas.

I participated in your course in February 2012. I found it interesting because it was the first time I met people in the community.

I think the best thing is to meet people who are in the same situation as me, have the same problems and thoughts.

I enjoyed getting together once a week…thanks for the opportunity.

Many thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed just meeting other people with similar experiences, exchanging knowledge about the area/things to do/resources and thinking about new perspectives/different wasy to interpret our feelings about our experience here. It was all very helpful!

~Marie, Brazil